She had awaited that moment for some time in her life.  She knew it would come but was never quite sure when.  On some days, though, she wasn’t sure if her stars would align.  She only guessed this was a normal thought.  Would that magical moment ever happen?  Would his smile be so big and nervous as the ones she had seen before?

As she turned the curve in the old, creaky church, she realized that not one ounce of saliva could pass through the boulder that had formed in her throat.  All eyes were on her and she could feel her nervous tendencies awaken and start to show.  She knew she had to hide them as best she could, remembering to smile, pick up her feet, and try to catch the eye of her awaiting lover.

The day she longed for was happening and would be over in a blink of an eye.  Her longing moment was in flight and would be landing before she knew it.

As she turned to face the congregation, she wore a brand new ring and last name.


About Journalism Instructor at NWCC

A journalism instructor at Northwest Mississippi Community College
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